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Default needs MOAR powah

hey everybody,
as you can see by the title, im looking for something with a bit moar power than my flying horse 66cc motor. still havent been able to get my large frame up above 25 mph even in the downhills.....honestly im considering buying a motorcycle but dont want to go through the hassle of getting licensed/registered/insured. plus people do tend to watch out a little more for bicycleists than they do for motorcycleists around here. any suggestions on how to boost power up some more than what it already is?
here's the specs on the bike/motor/mods done

Kulana Riviera single speed rear coaster brake
66/80cc Silver flying horse gas engine/kit
high performance CNS carb (tuned)
chrome banana expansion chamber *50 bucks via*
NGK B6HS spark plug
plug boot/wire stock
running 32/1 fuel/oil mix
stock 44 T sprocket
REGINA double rolled heavy duty 415 chain

and thats about it......motor is through the break in period so that shouldnt be an issue......honestly i wanted to know if there was a way to get myself up to about 35 even 40 mph or so......i only have one hill on the daily drive to contend with and its not much in the way of a hill....more of a long slightly elevated it time to change out the sprocket size or maybe go with a higher quality expansion chamber? sorry but i dont have a picture of the bike since i cant get the camera phone to work and dont have moneys for a decent digital camera.....some helpful opinions would be greatly appreciated......maybe a larger more powerful engine? i saw some 150cc greyhound 4 stroke engines they had at that tool website...cant remember the name right now......maybe upgrade to one of those? wonder if it would even fit on a bike frame.......anyways let me know everybody. Thanks very much, ELI
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