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Default Re: Build Off (Amateur)

i build all my bikes with the MacGyver approach. like silverbear said above, we were all amateurs on a budget, just making it up as we go along. i still don't consider myself a "pro," 'cause i can't weld.

the bike i built for the rustoration build-off cost me less than 500 bucks at the time, just because i scored some great deals.

you can come up with any build-off you want, whether it be a full modified, custom made, machine shop bike, to "what can you build from a thrift store."

one of these days i wanna have "the stupidest bike build-off." the rules would be find the goofiest, most un-motor-friendly bike and put a motor on it.

something like a little kid spiderman bike with training wheels, or a 2 seater child's tricycle... you get the picture.

just make some simple rules and have at it...
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