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Default Re: Hello from Lincoln, NE

David I commute from 1st & Cornhusker around Oak Lake to the ball park over the pedestrian overpass by the Post Office then south on 8th through the Old Market threw down town to the Captiol on my Subari f riction drive weather permitting. It's about 6-8 miles. Early mornings aren't bad but at night the traffic can get a little hairy. I keep the bike lit up like a Christmas tree both ways. I ought to have stock in Duracell. I'm starting to put the bikes up for winter, I won't ride on wet streets or with the salt and chemicals on the street. It eats up your wheels and rms and no telling what it will do to your free wheel. You're right our bike lanes suck, smack dab in the middle of the street... making a left on "O" street is suicide.
Keep right side up and be careful.
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