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Default Re: Hello from Lincoln, NE

msrfan: Yes the kit comes with the pulley.

wheelbender6: I do commute in the dark, in the mornings, I have a cheap LED light mounted on my bike handlebar, then I attached a brighter flashlight to the top of my helmet. I also attached a red flasher to the back of my helmet so when I ride the street, the cars do not plow me over. I put a reflective Army issue PT belt on my backpack too, I am sure I am highly visible. Along with other precautions I have taken, like ensuring I have a reflector on my bike at waist level, and reflective tape on the rear part of my frame. Refletor on the front wheel too, so I appear more visible to traffic perpendicular to me.

Buzzard: Thanks for having me, I mostly ride to work and home as I live so far from work and this saves on fuel, but I have a general understanding of the nice trail system we have, too bad we do not have more bike lanes.... I ride the jamaica trail most of my commute, and try to be very considerate of pedestrians and unpredictable dogs they own. I know I am breaking the law, wish I didn't have to.

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