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Default Re: Substitute for Lost Baffle?

This is what I have so far. I crumbled-up some pieces of aluminum can and stuffed them into the tailpipe.

My engine mounts rattled-loose, and then wierd things started happening with my engine (muffler baffle rattles-off, choke keeps closing, etc..) I'm still trying to figure out why there was black grease in my engine mount holes on my block. Hopefully, the brake cleaner and q-tips cleaned them out sufficiently eniough for the red locktite to bond. I plan on using the blue locktite on my reataining nuts, so that I may remove the engine later.

Lessons learned: #1) Always have a rock-solid mount! #2) If your noise suppresion fails, immediately inspect the whole engine from the exhaust port to the end of the tailpipe. I assumed that there was an unseeable hole on my pipe somewhere, when in fact, my baffle rattled-off. Wrongly assuming that a hole got punched somewhere on my pipe, I drove-away from my almost brand new baffle. Now it is gone forever..........

When my locktite (engine mounts) dries, I'll give the baffle a test drive. If there is too much blocakge, I'll aireate the crumpled-up pieces with my quarter inch titanium drill bit. If it is not quiet enough, I'll just keep feeding the pipe. Maybe I'll throw some fiberglass insulation in there, if I need to keep modifying.

When satified with the sound, I'll seal the baffle's retaining screw with red locktite.

I got the idea from people who were using beer cans on their RC airplane exhaust ports.

Mr hand: Thanks for your help, I may be contacting you.

Venice Boy: My muffler has an exhaust port interface that is 2cm in diameter. Do you sell this version for $15?

I'll post my results when all the locktite dries.


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