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Default Re: Need Knowledge How To Mount Motor

Welcome ecogenie to, glad you joined us.

First thing to do is decide how will you use your motor assisted bicycle?

Is it just for fun to cruise around the neighborhood?

Is it for daily commuting?

Is it for all show and no go?

And ask yourself what bike do I like, cruiser, mountain bikes ect...

What bike will fit my needs the best?

Before you decide on a bike its important to decide on what motor you will be using. There are many engine options that will determine the type and size of frame you will need.

You have the typical 2-stroke engine kit that will fit most bikes with little modification. Then you have your 4-stroke options along with 2 & 4 strokes rear mount options. And of course we cannot forget a non-kit diy build that can be just about anything. There are also front mount options and you can always go electric as well.

A little more info on what you are wanting, or need would help plus knowing how mechanically skilled you are.

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