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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
there is one just for the cns, but the first order was a 'test' run that sold out before the order expect more! But speed's are cheap, and can get you around. I'm just saying keep you eyes open for the billet cns style
yeah i'll hang on to my cns one and see if i can repair the clamp (since it's cracked now that i torqued it too much) it should still be usable, just will need to keep an eye on it.

but i am eager to try the speed carb since it's a much simpler design, but i don't like how the choke circuit is just a restrictive airflow baffle, and not an actual extra fuel line for it.

but then again i'm new to carb designs. (first time ever working on a carb)

edit: got board and took the rear hub apart to look at the bearings, still nice and clean from the factory grease, but i needed to take it apart anyway so i can take the axle to a shop and see if they have a cheap (not quality cheap) one that i can replace the bent one with...

after seeing a video of a bike with the shift kit i gotta say. I WANT!
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Traditional bicycle riders think we're cheaters. Non riders think our bikes are toys. Bicycle shops think we're a threat. Tree huggers think we're polluters. The police don't know what to think.

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