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Default Re: Tried bike for first time this afternoon: DIDNT WORK

Don't worry about the oil when the engine has not started, it will run on that mix. If you don't know where the choke is then you need to go to small engine 1 o 1, and that will be hard from a computer screen. One of the problems with this 2 stroke kit is that they need a bit of fettling just to make them work correct. If you have the CNS carb the choke is on the handlebar, that would be the best carb for a beginner. A new engine will need a lot of choke. If you are new to this sport don't try and adjust the choke while riding. Put the choke on full, pedal the bike with a liberal amount of throttle when the engine starts it will only run for a few seconds. Stop the bike and adjust the choke to a little more than half. start again and this time with the same amount of throttle when the engine starts pull the clutch in and see how long you can keep the engine running, do not rev the engine to a high rate of speed. It will probably stop again go back to the full choke and do the same thing over till you work up some heat in the engine and it can sustain the leaner mixture of petrol and keep running. You don't need to be riding the bike to run the engine in for the first few minutes try and get the engine to settle down to something you like. Look around on this sight to find suggestions of tunning. Keep close attention of the drive sprockets the square teeth will kill you they do not fetch into the chain proper so every bike I build I have to contour the teeth, just look at real motorcycle for the proper contour. To check for spark just remove plug and lay on the head and rotate the engine look for a spark, you should be able to do this by leaning the bike over on the stand and pushing a pedal through. Have fun, Dave
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