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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

ok so i actually did a bit to my bike today i put a used shifter, new cable,new cable housing,used crank sprocket, and fenders homemade fenders

i fixed my bike got it up to snuff and did it for free didnt cost me a thing epcept a little volenteer time to pay for parts

but on the way home about 3 blocks from home when coming to a stop my engine flooded and would not start i looked don and saw fuel coming out of carb i figured the float got jammed so i pedaled the rest of the way home
but then right in front of my house literaly in my front yard my new/used sprocket broke i was so glad i was home

so after starting the day out with a crippled bike and fixing it it was completly useless

i took the carb apart and cleaned it everything looked in order so i put it back together same problem leaking badly so i took it apart again and found the flange that cuts off fuel wasnt sealing write i fixed the problem by bending the tabe that holds it up and it works fine now

i scavenged a sprocket from another bike and got my bike in business again tommorow ill go get another sprocket to replace the one i stole from another bike
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