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Default Re: It's getting old

SM Barely said,
"Please note that the staff of cannot be held accountable or liable for any loss of, or damage to your breakfast items. We have no connection to, nor have any bearing on, any or part of the lolz specifically alleged to relate to comments made herein or the consequences that may or may not be resultant.
There's spam afoot - off to the bikecave! "
You know, you often request pictures and now I am. Can't wait to see pictures of you outfitted and riding off from the bikecave on your mutant tadpole. Don't forget the cowboy boots. Numerous photos are requested. 2door, this goes for you, too. Can't wait! You guys spend too much time in the shadows. We want to put the spotlight on you guys as people to emulate both in deeds and stylish outfits, too. This could be a trend. With business potential, too (just to keep this within the spirit of the original post). This may lead to another sub category, Fashionable Attire.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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