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Default Re: It's getting old

Nougat, talking about "possible products" isn't "verboten" by any means, not only is it encouraged - in fact every innovation made here is a potential product & we've any number of threads created with just that in mind - it's just that when it comes time to sell, it goes in 'Swap and Shop' as we're far more interested in that innovation, far, far more interested in the "do it yourselfer" than a company's promotion & profit.

"...we greatly value those vendors that participate on our forum to assist our members (and) ...those vendors that are in the middle of R&D, seeking feedback from our member base to improve items not available yet"

In a way, you could say each and every build thread, every new and innovative method to make something better is in fact a potential product, the response all the market research that's needed. With that in mind, I see no need for a "prototypes" section as each and every build is a "prototype" in it's own way lol, something "new" gets made with almost every build and any idea more than welcome to be discussed in it's appropriate subforum already

...and no fishguts, "super moderators" don't get capes, we learned pretty quick that capes & bikes get along WAY too well... I suppose we could wear tights with our undies on the outside, but then we'd be mistaken for spandexers OMG

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