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Default Re: It's getting old

i'm part of this problem, too, and i'm sorry about that.

i've been trying to get frames and forks going for months now, and when i finally thought i had a deal worked out, i got excited and posted that i'd have them soon.

i was quoted a certain price, and led to believe that it was a done deal, and when i was finally ready to order, the prices jumped 400%. not only can i not afford to buy them at that price, but i'd never be able to sell them if i did.

now my calls and emails aren't getting returned, and it looks like it was all a waste of time. i haven't completely given up yet, but the future looks pretty dim.

it really blows. it frustrates me that i can't get the bikes i wanted to build, and it's doubly frustrating to put my reputation on the line and end up with nothing.

i'm just glad no one lost any money over it.
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