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Default Re: Soon to be FL Rider! Looking for some advice.

So I just wanted to let you guys know that I am now officially a motor bicycler!

I got my bike, and it is a Huffey Cranbrook with a 66cc Grubee Skyhawk motor as I had suspected. The fenders were removed by the seller, so that was no problem.
Honestly, I was so excited and in a hurry that I only got to check a few things out. However I did test drive it, and everything seemed fine. Thing is, it was my first time riding one so I had no idea if it was all working properly or not.

So, after having it a few days I have gotten a little bit more familiar with it and how it runs. I am still breaking the engine in, so I am not 100% sure of what it is capable yet. But I have taken it on a few rides and as the miles are put on, it seems like it is gaining a bit more power. I have not held it at full throttle yet due to the break in period, but I hit it once and it felt like it was doing about 30-35.

HOWEVER.. I have noticed that once you get to about 25-30mph it vibrates much more then I think it should. At first I thought thats just how it was, but it turns out that the front wheel has a little wobble. (even at a stand still, spinning the wheel by hand) I checked it out and it looks like the rim itself has a little bend in it.
Back wheel is fine and spins normally.

A few little things that I have noticed as well;
After a 30 min cruise the carb comes very loose and can wiggle around and even be taken off by hand.
Also the idle dropped and now the bike will shut off if I don't manually idle it. Just need to mess around with the idle speed and it will be fine. Just thought it was weird that one day it was fine and the next day it wasn't.

I believe both of these are due to the extreme vibration that is being caused by the wobble in the tire.

I have sent the seller an email regarding the issue and am awaiting a reply.

I have a few really old beach cruisers with the 26 inch wheels that my family picked up from a garage sale awhile ago. I was thinking about swapping the front tire out until I could get the issue resolved.
Think it would be fine? The visual appearance of the tire in in questionable condition which makes me iffy about it. But I put it on the see if there would be a wobble and there was not. Just for that I want to switch them out and see how it is. But I would rather be on the safe side..
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