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Default Future 4stroke rider from Long Beach

What's up everyone, my name's jake. I've been dong research for the past two months and feel like I could install the honda gx50 with my eyes closed [almost...] but I am just patiently waiting for the kits to be in stock (have been all summer...) ha. I'm having a terrible time debating which bike to buy. I'm not sure whether to invest in high quality components or to buy a basic cruiser.

Still confused about why an aluminum frame is really bad... if you don't drill through it is there going to be a guaranteed problem?

If someone could tell me the minimum frame space that is needed to accommodate the gx50 that would give me an incredible jump start to my project. I've heard 10x10 square... doesn't seem accurate cause the engine looks taller than it is wide. Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone.
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