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Originally Posted by camlifter View Post
i'm probably more guilty of this than anyone else. although we did offer and sell clutch kits and gas tanks, very few people from the forum bought them and it soon became apparent thet we were working for less than minimum wage if we were to sell them a price point that people would buy. so we scaled back to just building them for our own builds where they added enough value to the total bike to pay for themselfs.
the v twin, your right, we should have never shown pics untill we were ready but we were as high on showing it as everyone was to see it. there are still plans to do it but as of now it's in the pattern shop jail. we took our patterns to a pattern shop to have them checked and blueprints made, they suggested some changes and we've been waiting ever since, thats been over 3 months. we'll have it but i can't say when.
some times it takes a lot longer than what people think to perfect a new product. the big auto makers take years to develop something and they have teams of engineers working for them.
This says it all...

I have a lot of respect for these guys.

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