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Default Re: Buying a motorized bike - good or bad idea?

Originally Posted by Mind_Reader7 View Post
They could typically last forever. It depends wether you maintain them though.
In the words of that famous American, Buz Lightyear, "To infinity and beyond!"
"Forever" is certainly a long time and none of us will be here long enough to know if Mind Reader has foretold the future correctly or not. I would tend to think it might crap out sooner than that. Some of it is the luck of the draw on these things as to how soon. They really aren't all that well made... what would you expect for a hundred or hundred fifty bucks? Some are junk doomed to failure as they sit in the box. Others go for a long time, especially with good oil, the carb set up so it is not too rich and not too lean and sensible use. They can go for a long time. As has been pointed out, you can get another motor without the whole kit for less than a hundred bucks which in this age is grocery money. If you're looking for quality assurances for a $400.00 vehicle maybe you should save your money and pedal til your pants catch on fire. Or take a chance. In the great scheme of things, this $400.00 will be forgotten and spent on other junk ten and twenty bucks at a time. Live life on the edge. Be daring, aspire to greatness like Buz Lightyear.. "to infinity and beyond"...
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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