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Default It's getting old

I've only been here a couple months and I enjoy 90% of what's here, but I honestly have to say I've grown weary of empty promises and come-on's by would-be motorized bicycle product developers and suppliers.

They make promises and post teaser photos of some great frame design or fuel tank or chain tensioner or whatever they're going to produce or market and then don't bother to put up a functional web site and refuse to give prices: "PM me". People ooh and ahh at everything they post but they don't seem to actually produce anything, at least not for public consumption. So do some people get their jollies off this carrot and stick thing?

I've certainly spent plenty of time on other forums and run one of my own, but this is the only place I've seen this behavior. Just wondering if this is part of motorized bicycle culture? I hope not. It sure is annoying.

Perhaps there could be a site policy that come-on's are prohibited and that products are not to be touted until they are ready for production.
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