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Default Re: new cruiser build

Originally Posted by headtrama View Post
Thanks, Yeah this is a early 80's Schwinn cruiser.The forks are for a one inch head tube.I have another cruiser with a Monarch springer front fork and these forks blow those away. Ill be switching over to these forks soon .With the studded balloon tires I don't miss the springer you get a nice ride with that set up .
Please, tell me where you get them. Have a link? I've been debating what to buy for a customers build on a 49 Panther... old Schwinn springers are expensive and may have weak, worn out springs anyway. New ones are reportedly not very well made and again have weak springs. Monarks are also reportedly not well made and need to be reinforced with welding, bringing the price to over $200.00 with shipping. If you're going to spend that kind of money, might as well get something worth having in the first place. Did you have to modify anything? I have similar looking forks on a 50 Schwinn Motorbike and love them.. from a newer Whizzer. Your help would be much appreciated.
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