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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Put a new Aluminum Drain Plug Gasket on the GXH50 because I wasn't paying attention when I removed the drain plug last time. After an hour of fruitless searching I gave up and used a steel washer with a little silicone as the gasket. had ten 8mm X 15mm Aluminum Gaskets specifically for the GX600 Suzuki which cost around five bucks plus shipping. So now I have nine more gaskets just in case..... Tomorrow I'll see if the Suzuki gasket will make the bike go faster.

Then I put two Axle adjusters on the rear axle so I can lock the axles into the dropouts and also have precise chain adjustment capability.

I had to drive my wife uptown for an appointment and no matter how nicely I talked I couldn't convince her to ride in on the crossbar of my bike. So I had to drive her up in the car and didn't get a ride in today.
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