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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

ok ok so heres the story
first off i got a new gt5 motor and complety dissasembled it. that wasnt the problem the problem was after looking at how the crank case tranfer ports lined up with the cylinder transfer ports i realized the case ports were way smaller than the cylinders
i compared the gt5 cylinder with a gt4cylinder and found several differences first the cylinder apeared to be smaller on gt4 the bottom port openings for the gt4 were smaller and more fit to the crank case also the exaust and intake manifolds were smaller on the gt4 the gt5 indeed had better breathing capibility stock

well to move on i decided to match the crank case to the gt5 head and it worked till i decided that the flow into case should be smoother and thats where i got into trouble i ground throu the case into the magneto compartment

i went to a welding shop and asked what it would take they said 100 bucks an hour so i was like frack that ill just buy a new case but then my neighbor just got back in town hes a aircraft mechanic who hasnt tigged in a while i gave it to him to see what he could do about it

so theres the story ill include some pics of the case i still have matched to cylinder port and the two different cylinders gt4 and gt5

notice the awesome stock paint the black cylinder is gt5 and silver is gt4
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