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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by WildAlaskan View Post
i messed up big time im so embarrased im not gonna even say what i did but i messed something up
LOL, don't sweat it, this is cyberspace!

Everyone makes mistakes. Recently, I was rebuilding a Chevy engine, and it wouldn't start. Friends came over and pulled the new distributor. I had installed the distributor gear upside down on the shaft, a rookie mistake. Hey, no big deal to me, lol.

You can tell us, we won't razz you TOO much, lol. It'll be good to get it off your chest.....

as long as you didn't kill somebody or french-kiss your brother's wife!

My tipsy sister-in-law tried to french-kiss me in front of my wife. Of course, I told my wife what happened...

but at least I kept my mouth shut.....LITERALLY! LOL!!!!
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