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Default Re: Any reason these ideas wouldn't work?


I like the idea of being able to grease the bearings without having to take things apart BUT a few things to think of tho may be:

1) Some higher end wheels use sealed bearings....may have to remove the seals to allow grease to enter the bearings BUT if you force the grease in (grease guns can make a lot of pressure) you risk ruining the seal (no biggie maybe because by then you'll have the zerk in....Of course then you HAVE to grease because the seal is blown ....

2) Some really high end wheels (and actually a lot of good medium quality wheels too) will spin seemingly forever given a slight nudge when the wheel is raised off the ground.....If you place the zerk in the middle or near the middle of the hub the grease will have to fill the hub cavity first BEFORE being forced into the wheel bearings....this will induce a fair amount of drag (relative to before the hub was filled with grease) as the hub will have to spin against the grease along the distance of the axle.....Drag probably won't be a lot in the scheme of things but it will be there.

3) Pumping grease until it come out through the cone areas can get a little messy and hard to clean because the forks or rear wheel stays are so close to the cone area...

4) As mentioned above watch out for the excess grease that may / will come out when greasing.....if the grease falls on the wrong spots it could decrease braking ability...

In all sounds too neat to pass up so I vote "go for it"! ;-)

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