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Default "the Greaser" Build

Hello everyone! Names Don and I'm in need of a cheap mode of transportation and stumbled upon this great spin! looks like a lot of fun. In this thread i will document my whole adventure of building my first motorized bike with pictures, statements, discussions, questions etc.

The Bicycle and its story:
Yesterday after finding this great idea on the web looking for a cheap car, i went on craigslist and looked for a beach cruiser as i love the look. I found plenty of them. Some way out of my price range when i stumbled upon a Huffy cruiser from 1999. frame in great shape new rims and tires just missing a crank and pedals for only $50 so i picked it up.

I tore the whole bike down about an hour ago and have sprayed the body with a paint remover.
The paint will scheme will be a flat green with flat black accents.

The engine:
SO far no engine has been ordered as I'm shopping around.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

edit: Engine ordered from zoom bicycles. 80cc (66cc) Black Kit. 124.99 shipped!

sanded.... god that took quite a bit of time by hand lol
no pics of bare frame. pic of primer:

missing many pics for some reason they didn't save but meh oh well. painted the handle bars, rims, and sprocket flat black


clear cote on everything and cured. the seat is def. going to be replaced with something with dark brown leather. know a shop near my house that has a few.

WOOT WOOT! alright chk it out
engine mounted, yup i said engine. 80cc

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