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Originally Posted by SoFresh View Post
Thanks for the reply and informations guys!

I'm pretty sure it is built with a Huffy 26' inch steel frame. (beach cruiser)
From the pictures, it looks like a very quality build. But we will see once I go to check it out in person!
I sent him an email asking for a little bit more information so we will see how he deals with that. Would hate to buy from someone that doesn't know or care about what they are selling.

I will do a full inspection based on Nougat's post and I plan on taking it for a nice test drive to feel it out.
I'm very excited about this and hope it all goes well!
Just a suggestion, adding to Nougot's thorough and conscientious checklist:

a. Check all nuts/bolts for tightness and security Loc-Tightened.

b. Check Engine and ensure there are no leaks.

c. Check and adjust chain tension if necessary (initially there will be "chain stretch").

d. Check tire pressure.

e. Check all cables/controls for proper operation.

f. Critical check spokes on wheels for tightness and or missing spokes.

g. Critical check brakes for proper function.

h. Critical check wheels for wobble this is bad sign as bearings may have failed!

These few Items Nougot, myself and others have suggested to check could save your life.

Good Luck,
Peace Crazy Horse.
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