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Default Soon to be FL Rider! Looking for some advice.

Hello MB!

I'm obviously new to the community and I am looking for a little bit of advice so I can jump into the world of motorbiking without being hindered!
I am looking to purchase a pre-built, new motor bike from someone the builds them in my area. The information states that it is a 66cc 2 stroke engine at 2.75 hp. A picture included showed that it was a skyhawk engine. 44 tooth rear sproket, 410 chain, 2.5 liter fuel tank( .66 gal)
He is looking to get $400 which I am all for paying. (so I can just buy and ride)

If you guys could give me some information on expected MPG, whether or not it is a quality engine, and most importantly, how fast I can expect to go! (I weight around 125lbs)

Thank you all, and hope to be riding very soon!
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