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Default Re: I think this is a good sign.

I did tell them about this site. They said they were buying some stuff from Pirate Cycle.

I think bikes will come in all price ranges, and with vastly different build quality, especially at first. I agree that shops are going do need to offer quality service in order to reach out to more than just motor heads like us. That's really not going to be hard to do though considering how easy these bikes are to work on.

My bike is proving to be very depenable. Most of the problems I've had were minor and could have been avoided if I had more experience. I think a lot of that has to do with me throwing away all the stock hardware and building my bike like a battleship.

The only true failure I've had was my muffler falling apart 20 miles from home, but it would have never done that if I had known what that nut on the bottom did. i thought it was golding a baffle in place or something, and thought the muffler body was all welded together. If I had known it came apart with that nut I would have already double nutted it.
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