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Default I think this is a good sign.

Yesterday when Riding my Motor Bicycle around town, I met a couple of guys at a bicycle shop that told me they had just started a motor bicycle business right here in the freekin Dallas area. I might have never known about it if not for them seeing my bike and coming up to talk to me about it.

I think they're just getting started but still, it's surprising to me that there's anybody else besides me around here that's even heard of China Girls considering I've never seen one in the flesh except mine. What's even more interesting is I don't even think these guys were motorcyclist's.

I feel like I need to get my bike out around town as much as possible to let it be seem, and find out who else is out there. At least here in Dallas, these are the very early days of motor bicycling. Anyone starting out now is destined to be a founder of motor bicycling in Dallas.

I guess it's obvious I'm going nuts about motor bicycles. I'm a heart beat away from blowing off my air conditioning contracting business and opening a motor bicycle shop. About all I need is for my wife to tell me one more time not to do it lol.
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