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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Water cooled outboard, as for the golf carts, I never buzzed the green @ 7500rpm, not that I wouldn't if I could . One may say that the cooling method makes no difference, I beg to differ, even my Denco H2E 750 air cooled 2smoke(professionally built) would over heat in Fla. midday, never locked up, but got boggy etc, now on the other hand, the Suzuki 750 "water buffalo" never got hot and was a power house too, ran 32:1 (injected) on both bikes. I don't know... and I really don't... just my experience.
HAR! I was ANOTHER water buffalo owner. That was SO MUCH FUN ! As i got older, the Buff got harder and harder to pick up (i never laid it doen, but it had been kncked off it's center stand, so I got rid of mine and got a more svelte 650 V-twin shafty from Yamaha and regretted it the rest of my life !

I love the smell of castor Oil in the morning

On my stingray-motorized, I have been thru 2 tanks of AMSOIL at 100:1 and indeed smoothness and power response is noticeably better.

I have a unused QUART of AMSOIL automotive 30 weight i will prolly try too

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