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Default Re: My 2 stroke is 4 stroking..

Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
For the record:

After downjetting to 68, mine was still 4 stroking a bit much. I just tested my earlier plug gap theory. I'd tapped to about 024 before, so last night I pulled the plug. The condition and color was perfect. Put it back in after yapping to 032, and just now got back from a ride. No more four stroking at all (unless I back off the throttle, of course).

Are you going to say your plug was perfect chocolate color, but then post a pic of a crispy lean plug?

More seriously, I went the opposite direction on my plug and validates what your saying. I had no 4 stroking with the gap I used and then I closed it a bit and it breaks in and out unless a load. I felt the plug was a bit lean before and betting that improved. Have to pull it to see the color, but the gap affected 2 vs. 4 stroking.
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