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Default Re: second seat, foot pegs/highway bars, lighting kit?

Originally Posted by tire View Post
thinking about welding a second seat post behind the first one, along with the rear rack/ammo can i'm doing this week. will the little "2.75 hp" motor even pull me (175 lbs) plus someone else (~120 lbs)?...
The engine can, if it is geared down more.
The main problem I have seen with people making tandem bikes is that the wheels (in particular the bearings) tend not to last long unless you can get a high-end hub with oversize bearings.

can i get a recommended SIMPLE light kit with a small headlight and turn signals? what is the best source of power, some sort of alt/generator or replacing battery after battery? it won't be used a ton, but the turn signals probably will be. ...
This question (of where to get brake lights and turn signals) gets asked a lot, even on regular (non-motor) bcycle forums.

There's little cheapie kits that pop up now and then, eBay is your most likely bet. But none of them I've ever seen were very impressive. Cost was around $20.

The best examples I have seen were people who had made their own from scratch.
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