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Default Re: My 2 stroke is 4 stroking..

I think you're too light on the oil mix- the plug should be darker- I don't know what the scales are- Does synthetic oil work in these things? Better more oil than less- at least the motor wont blow.

I got some results when I had this problem by closing down the petcock a bit- which seemed to indicate flooding. But then I added a little more oil and that seemed to help.

The sure fire best bet to stop four stroking is a billet intake from creative engineering or pirate cycles, if they have them in stock. I bought both a NTS 66 carb and a billet intake. I put the billet on first to see the effect. I've never got around to putting the 66 carb on the bike runs so well with just the billet.

I'll probably do it soon though, just as much for the extra shut off valve- and I'm putting a three piece alloy crank in.

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