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Default Re: My 2 stroke is 4 stroking..

Yes it's too rich.
You can solder and re-drill the jet if you have the right bits.
Keep in mind that 3/100 of an inch difference in drill size can mean the world of difference how your engine runs.
Check this link and look just past the middle of the page to the Drill Bit Conversion Table.
Drill bit sizes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You'll have to experiment a little to get it just right but believe me it's going to make you smile when you get it dialed in.

Get yourself these 2 drill bits at a hobby store. I think I paid about $2 each.

#70 gauge drill bit (0.028 inches 0.711mm..... Usually close to the stock size)
#71 gauge drill bit. (0.026 inches 0.660mm. smaller than stock
Main jets are measured in millimeters #70 = .7mm
#68= .68mm etc.

Sick Bikes sell the jets but if you are handy you can save a little time and money doing it yourself.
#68 or #66 work best for me

Good Luck,
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