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Default Re: Do China Girls like warn weather?

Originally Posted by WayneC View Post
I don't know about China girls but Vietnamese girls seem to like warm and humid!

Sorry, personal experience excepted, chances are they like warmer and (in fact) humid conditions. More dense air = better combustion.
Now see? I was going to say something like that but decided to stay professional so here goes:

Barley Awake makes some good points and one that I don't think of much anymore because I've lived at such a high altitude for so long that I just don't consider it. Altitude has a profound effect on any internal combustion engine. We who live in the 5 to 6000' range, and some even higher, take for granted that our engines perform a certain way. When a guy posts that he normally cruises at 33 to 35mph with a 41T sprocket some of us high altitude guys scoff at that. I know I do. Then I stop and look at his location and it hits me; Hey, he's just at sea level. No wonder his engine can make that kind of power. I'd love to take my best running bike down to the beach somewhere and see what it can do. I might have to adjust some but its a good bet that it would be an even better running bike down low, than up here at 6000' where the air is thin.
Now for temperature. I can't honestly say that I've noticed a lot of difference. This past summer we never saw 100 degrees in Denver but had lots of 90s and high 90s. My bikes seemed to run the same as they do when it's in the 20s and 30s. I don't do as well at those temps but the little Chinese thing between my legs (no pun) seems to run the same.
Whatever. Just tossing in my input.
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