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Default Re: laying the bike on side - gas leak?

so, i was at this halloween party last night, and this guy comes flying up on his motorized bike, jumps off it while it's still moving and ghostrides it into my buddy's 4x4.

i'm standing there with my girlfriend and he comes up all huffing and puffing, says he wants to fight me. as i'm about to haul off and bust him in the chops, my girlfriend socks him in the nose and he starts crying. (man, i love that girl...)

meanwhile, the guy's bike is laying on it's side, still running, and spewing clouds of oily white smoke out of it, and the rear tire is spinning, leaving marks all over my buddy's truck.

so my bro gets in, throws it in gear and runs the stupid kid's bike over. then backs up and smashes it again.

after it was good and flat, we picked it up and chucked it down the side of a small cliff behind my bro's house.

the poor kid went stumbling down the hill after it, crying and holding his bloody nose.

the bike never leaked a drop, though...