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Default Re: High speed tires

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
I have looked at these a few times .. Was looking for a rear wheel that would not go bald in a hurry and did not like the choices of slicks that I kept finding.

Got these from this page..

These sizes are not a industry standard?
They are a vintage size, which might not mount on any motorcycle or bicycle rim of today.

The ONLY tire I've ever seen Coker say would fit on modern bicycle rims,,, was the 26"/559 ISO red Goodrich Silvertowns they were selling for a few years.


Huh,,,,,, when did Coker start selling the "NON-SKID" Firestone tires? I looked around on Coker a year or two ago and never saw them.

That was the first bicycle tire tread design I was planning on making.....
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