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Default Getting close to fireing up the new moon dog

I am in the third day of building my first bike. My bike is a moon dog and the engine is a 66cc ht 2 stroke. I know a lot of the kit sellers say it only takes 4-6 hours to install a kit. But after reading and reading and reading some more in these forums, I have tried to do some of the other things that many of you experienced guys recommended. Like fabricating better fender brackets. Replacing the cheap fasteners. Tearing down and lubricating the bearing on the new bike. Right now I have everything installed except the gas tank. This evening I locked the clutch so the engine wouldn't turn and pedaled the bike around the yard just to see if the chain would track on the sprocket as it should and hopefully break in the mechanical gears by pedal power before subjecting them to the speed and torque of the engine. I shortened the chain and put it back together without using a master link. It is very tight and I am not using a tensioner. Another reason for the "pedaling break in" is to hopefully get the chain to a reasonable slack play without over stressing the spokes on the cheap moon dog wheel. Is there an easy way to fire up one of these engines with the bike on a stand? I would like to be able to try to work out the kinks and fine-tune the mechanicals before taking to the road.
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