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Default Re: Cranbrook Specs (sorry guys)

if you're going to order through bikepartsusa you can call and ask for any specials they might have. i bought two pairs of wheels from them for 140 bucks (70 a pair.)

i ordered these: WHEEL MASTER WHL RR 26x2.125 ALY BLK CB SHI 12G-SS | BikepartsUSA

when i got them, the rims were Weinmann's.

they had a deal on pairs, and the matching front had a heavy duty Shimano front hub. they were really nice wheels, and i totally recommend them.

i also recommend bikepartsusa. they've got great shipping, good prices, and great customer service.

as far as the Shimano coaster brake, it's a long way from being my favorite hub, but since they don't make my fave anymore (Sachs Komet Super) or my second favorite (New Departure) anymore, i'll settle for the Shimano. i don't like that they have press-on spoke flanges, but i haven't had one shear off the hub, like an old Bendix did on my bike.

the Velosteel hub is supposed to be an exact copy of the Sach's (made in Czech Republic with the same tooling) but i haven't tried one out.

i'd love to get my hands on the Sach's comet they used in the 50's on their motored bikes. it's got a sprocket on both sides. i've only seen one in my life.
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