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Default Re: High speed tires

I guess I need to point out the obvious. It's not a smart idea to run bicycle tires on a motor bicycle at 45 mph for extended periods.

Yes it may be true that some bicycles do 60 mph, but those bicycles weigh 20 lbs or less in most cases. Riders that typically ride that fast are themselves usually light weights. My motor bicycle weighs in at close to 60 lbs fully gassed, and any motor bicycle that regularly sees 45 mph better weigh at least that much if it's expected to stay in one piece more than a day.

I doubt any bicycle tires are designed to go that fast, carrying that much weight for long. Anyone desiring to go that fast would be doing themselves a favor buying a moped or motorcycle with tires designed to go that fast.

Having an accident and getting hurt on the street at those kind speeds won't be doing the rest of us, or our sport any good. Just because you have the capability to do something doesn't mean it's a good idea to do it.
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