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Thumbs up Notice: Mopeds Forum open discussion For & Against

Forum members here is the place for discussion of a Moped Forum!

As suggested by BarelyAWake,
If there are any forum members who'd like to start a new thread in 'General Discussion's' directly related to adding Mopeds Forum please do so in the 'General Discussions' Forum, as suggested by 'BarelyAWake'! Here's the new thread!!!

I was hoping others would take BarelyAWake's suggestion and start this thread, however no one has and others are continuing to post in the thread I started Mopeds The Other Motorized Bicycles to discuss the topic of adding a Mopeds Forum,
whereas my thread topic in "Mopeds The Other Motorized Bicycles" and is,
Based on the following below:
Moped Parts, and Components can and have been used to make our motorized bicycles more functional, using moped wheels / hubs, using moped lighting / electrical components, using moped engines with built in pedals, using moped gas tanks, using moped seats, using moped forks / suspensions.

I'd also like to say again, that my intention for starting the thread Mopeds The Other Motorized Bicycles was for reply's from motorized bicyclists whom are or have been utilizing moped parts for their builds, and to share their knowledge and experience with using moped parts. I hope that thread continues to grow with motorized bicyclists replying with their thoughts, Ideas, and experience related to moped parts and components that can or are being used on their motorized bicycles!

Here's the Link to "Mopeds The Other Motorized Bicycles"

If you so chose to discuss a Mopeds Forum please share your thoughts, opinions, concerns etc etc or if you are for it or against and why here in this thread as suggested by "BarelyAWake " if you have a post in the thread titled "Mopeds The Other Motorized Bicycles" and it is directly related to Moped Forums thread, you can PM a Moderator requesting it be moved here !!!

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