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Default Good Cruiser Frames for 4 strokes

Title pretty much says
I am wanting you guys to tell me what your favorite cruiser frame is for a 4 stroke (more specifically a honda gxh50 and a q-matic)
I have a trek calypso that is running well
but it does have some chain clearence issues and some engine clearance isssues
just enough of both to make me want to ditch the frame
so i only need a frame that preferebly has vbrake mounts
i STRONGLY prefer alluminum
and since i dont plan on pedaling unless i break down or run out of gas i would like it to be a very laid back frame as well

and its getting cold here so bike is up for the season so i wont even be buying a frame for 4-6 months now so no hurry

so go ahead
post your favorite cruiser frame
be sure to include make and model
and if possible a picture and where to get it

thanks jared
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