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Default Re: High speed tires

I realize that tires are only one component to a bike, but they are the one component I am concerned with in this thread
Mostly because it is the one component I never see being discussed
As Venice says on the greater majority of bikes it makes no real difference

Those guys doing 60 and 70+, What tires are they using? How do they perform on asphalt over a long period of time
I would be willing to bet that they are not off the shelf common cruiser tires

I don't need tires that will do high speeds for a competition or two
I am building a daily driver that must be capable of sustained dependability

I have a friend that builds race cars capable of speeds of around 150 under the most adverse racing conditions, but I would never trust them to be dependable street cars because they are not built to be, they are built to run one race and then be rebuilt
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