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Default Re: Cranbrook Specs (sorry guys)

Now don't you go dissin' on Yugo man I...


...naw, I can't even make a funny outa it o_O

In all seriousness - remember that your opinions & experience do actually make a difference, not all members post - not all people even register on the forum to even be able to post, but they're there readin' and learnin' and respectin' the input.

Of the number of motorized bicycles that have turned up in this area - only one of them other than myself have joined & publicly posted, but when I've talked w/them they've all said they checked out this place for tips & tricks and yep - safety concerns. It would be odd indeed for someone to join and say "Hey, thanks to this place here's a list of bikes I didn't build" lol, but you can bet that in fact yer makin' a difference & helping people make their first build decisions.

While we'll never really know how many folks heeded your advice - that doesn't make the advice any less valued or true, just remember that those who post anything at all are the minority on any forum, those that would post about how they changed their minds rarer still
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