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Default Re: I'm Restoring a late 40's Rocket - Then comes the motor....

Originally Posted by msrfan View Post
That is a great looking bike. Perfect for a motor. It would be awesome to use an American engine of similar vintage. A cast iron Briggs may be a little heavy, but I've done quite a few with aluminum 5hp B&S motors. They don't come in a kit, but perform and feel great. Check my threads for photos if you're interested.
I know it's a lot of work to do a kind of tutorial, but if you ever do another 5 hsp build, please take lots of step by step photos and when you have the time post them and some commentary on what we're looking at. I agree your bikes sure do look 'right' as old motorbikes. I know there'd be lots of interest if it looks like something less than rocket science to the uninitated and looks doable to those of us with some skill and experience in other kinds of builds. That would be awesome.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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