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Default Any reason these ideas wouldn't work?

I've tried doing searches and can't seem to find any threads on it.

I'm fairly new to the motorbiking world and haven't disassembled a bike in atleast 20 years. I've been researching how often the wheel bearings need to be repacked and figured it would be pretty simple to just install grease zerks into all the bearing hubs. Wheels, cranks and steering.

I work in a large CNC manufacturing company, so slight modifications if needed wouldn't be a problem. A total one off wheel hub would be possible but something to that extent I'm sure I would be charged accordingly for machining labor and such. Not the route I want to go.

With that being said, can anyone say why it wouldn't work? I have several ideas on how to force new grease in flushing the old grease out. I'm sure old thinned grease in the wheels might leak out and create a splattery mess, but if you flushed it say every 2-3 weeks depending on riding habits it should stay fairly congealed.

Secondly, I just ordered a clutch lever and the cam shaft as they are called. The splines on mine are already allowing it to slip. Trying to get the lever off for adjustment I noticed it is basically a cast material and actually started to crumble. I'm going to have both parts made out of steel. Instead of having them attach with splines I thought about doing a square head. Anyone tried to make these and had problems over the long haul?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but my mind is now in race mode and I don't want to jump the gun. Thanks for any input.
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