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I'm a big fan of urethane bushings. My Sportster came with soft rubber bushings that mount the handle bars. They make the handle bars flop all around, and are really nasty. I replaced them with hard urethane bushings made for that purpose. Even though they're very hard in comparison, they dampen vibration about as good as the soft stock ones.

If I could find a hockey puck made out of urethane I think it would work even better than the rubber one I'm using.

I've never made a solid mount China Girl, but my Sportster in solid mount. There's no question it vibrates 10x worse than a China Girl. Sportsters are world renown for having parts break off and roll down the street behind them. After 47 years of production the motor company decided to rubber mount Sportster motors. I've ridden both and to tell the truth I didn't feel much difference either.

Rubber mount or solid mount, everything breaks in time. You know what they say, if it's got tits or wheels it'll give you trouble.
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