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Default Re: Cranbrook Specs (sorry guys)

thanks, 2door. didja notice i gave up the fight on rubber mounted engines, too?

i don't have any real riding experience with cheap china bikes. aside from riding a friend's home from a party or to a store, i never owned one. even my old junkers were semi-quality bikes. i had an old black Raleigh 3 speed i got from a mormon church yardsale after they all switched to mountain bikes for their...uh... whatever it is mormons do on those bikes besides bother people.

anyway, that thing was awesome.

the schwinns? well, i can't say i like them, but there's not 200 posts about how much they suck on this forum, so maybe it is better.

what really gets me, is even armed with all this knowledge, people still go out and buy them, then they come here and complain about them, looking for solutions.

if this was a car forum, and there was a car as unsuitable as the cranbrook, people wouldn't touch them, and huffy would go out of business.

and when people compare the safety of their crappy cars with the safety of a huffy, which would you rather have a 35mph crash in/on? a Yugo or a Motorized Huffy?
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