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Default Re: Cranbrook Specs (sorry guys)

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i'm done preaching, too. no one cares. i mean, i'll still drop in on cranbrook threads just to add some sarcasm, but there's nothing i can do against the yellow menace,and their plan to transform good americans into kamakaze bike pilots.
Don't give up, my man. Now you know how I feel when I preach against soft mounting engines. Preaching to the choir? Anyway, you have a viable concern when it comes to safety. When I first became interested in motorized bikes I explored a few, the Cranbrook included. The construction of the Cranbrook turned me off real quick. Where my Schwinn displayed real weld beads, the Cranny appeared to be spot welded. The catilever bars where they attach to the top tube near the seat tube looked like they were just pressed against it.
That being said, and at the risk of getting you riled at me, I'll have to defend the Chinese Schwinn, in particular the Jaguar. It is a sturdy bike, decent equipment, brakes, shifter, bearings, etc. I have two, one bought new the other was used. I've had them apart right down to bearings and have found no deficiencies that concerned me enough to warrant replacing parts. I've welded, both tig and mig on both frames and was surprised and pleased with the steel. It was thick and clean. I'll admit I have no experience with other department store bikes except an 80s vintage Roadmaster that is built like a tank, but unfortunately rides like one too. Stiff and unforgiving, even after I installed a springer.
Good luck, keep up the fight.
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