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Default Re: High speed tires

I dont even want to go 45 on my bike....dont have a speedometer either, but there is a point i reach when riding that i start to think about things i dont think about when going slower....things like jeeze...those little bitty balls in the bearing are spinning alot faster than the engineers that designed them were planning on...and the tires i'm not sure.... well i wonder how long it takes to heat those bearings up to the point of failure .... and that tensioner.... well maybe i will just slow down a bit.... my G.F. will still be there if i get to her house 2 minutes later.... its not the reality here its the imaginary gremlins .... the ones airplane mechanics talk about.... they are not real , but we hear them just the same....having the feeling of a little better stuff under you scares off some of the little monsters.
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