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Default Re: 4g belt drive slipping like crazy at 75% and over. Do you know whats wrong?

Well I figured out how to adjust the belt, but that didn't do much of anything. I loosened it as much as possible and it didn't seem to make a difference, then I tightened it as I could, and same result.

Its not really the throttle that makes it slip. from a dead start it has alot of power and takes right off and has very good acceleration, but when the bike gets to a certain speed any more throttle will just make it vibrate like crazy and give no power to the back wheels.

This really sucks ): ..


I just tightend the clutch, didn't do anything.

Reved the bike stationary at 75@ throttle to see if belt was slipping, it wasn't.

If i give it a 20/40% throttle. As it accelerates its fine, but as it starts to gradually reach a higher speed the engine will start to rev louder and vibrate alot more while giving less and less power to the wheels untill its whining and vibratign so loud its unbearable.

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