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Default Firmstrong cruiser? Lurker starting out

Love this forum!

I'm awaiting a China gurl delivery from Canada here in Socal, and was intending to motorize a spiffy Chicago Schwinn I built for my ex-wife but decided a new bike might be a better move.
I sincerely would love to do a Flying Pigeon, but I'm quite tall and considering a comfier Firmstrong Prestige single speed plus a basic springer and V brake in front.
Wish I were shorter...
Any comments on this bike?
How would the V brake compare to a drum? I can lace wheels just fine.

I just gathered the stuff to make a Silverbear Juice tank. He really rocks! I just can't accept that seamed mini-peanut thing clamped to the graceful top tube.

BTW, I have a pair of intense Ducatis, but at 58, I'd like a break from the excitement sometimes.

Thanks for all the fine posts that got me to take the plunge!
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